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Be Your Own Drug

As I kicked off 2014, I knew two things……that I had only a few months to finish checking off my Before 30 Bucket List AND I wanted to make a bigger impact in this community where I have grown roots over the past 3 years since my return from TEXAS.

I can successfully claim that my mission has been accomplished! I completed my first half marathon with my friends and pace leaders over at Fleet Feet Brentwood (before the age of 30, might I add), volunteered my time once a month towards community initiatives around Nashville, and finally started a blog (a goal I have had since forever) which is still a major work in progress. Baby Steps!

My hopes for 2015? To focus more on my passions-which just happen to include all things food, travel, and living well. My personal definition of living well means taking risks, following passions, being free, loving your body, moving more, giving back and eating healthy. My purpose here is to hopefully inspire the same for anyone that crosses my path through my writing.

be your own drug2

Good advice graffitied on a gate near my vista in Costa Rica earlier this year.

Why Best Bite Ever? I was a fan of food long before I became a Registered Dietitian in the health and wellness field. Rachael Ray’s old school Food Network TV show, 40 Dollars A Day, still happens to be my dream job! Growing up in a traditional southern home, I never had the chance to explore a variety of cuisines. I now enjoy trying local fare anywhere I may be and experimenting in my own kitchen. Join me in 2015 for the Best Bites Ever-locally, from afar, and from my home.

Everyone have a safe and Happy New Years! I will be celebrating tonight by testing out the food at a local restaurant located in a historic plantation style farmhouse-Mere Bulles! The name translates in French to “Mother Bubbles.” Apparently the owner of the mother restaurant was a fan of champagne! I will cheers to that! 😉


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