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Healthy Treats for My Sweets

I am almost an official adult! Preparing to close on a house and shopping to furnish said house has kept me very busy as of late. Buying a first time home feels like a second job, but I can’t wait to be all settled in and embarking on fun projects that I don’t have the space for in my tiny apartment!

I ALWAYS break for sweets so I made time to bake some goodies that will be perfect for this upcoming Valentine ’s Day! I haven’t used sugar AT ALL even though my fiancé just keeps begging for a normal chocolate chip cookie. Even with his grumbles, I find him munching on my healthier sweets when I’m not paying attention.

Forget the overly processed convenient Valentine treats from the store and consider giving these sweets as gifts. There is no better present than a tasty, homemade, healthy treat!

Frozen Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

Dark Chocolate Almond Oatmeal Cookies

Heavenly Banana Oat Walnut Muffins from my Skinnytaste cookbook: This one is actually a breakfast recipe, but it’s so good I’ve eaten it for dessert numerous times!

How did I not use SUGAR to sweeten these goodies? I used honey, bananas or pure maple syrup! I have been substituting honey or pureed fruit as a sugar sub in recipes for some time, but I recently discovered that pure maple syrup is a good substitute for anything that calls for brown sugar. So yes, technically there is sugar in my treats, but it’s natural unprocessed sugar.  Check out this article on the various grades of maple syrup in the latest issue of Food and Nutrition magazine.

Have a sweet Valentine’s Day if you are celebrating 🙂

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