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‘Pura Vida’ Inspiration

This is a blog I wrote for my company to correlate with the roll out of an internal wellness program in 2014.  My travel buddy and yogi friend Amie and I LOVED and were INSPIRED by life in Costa Rica so much, we have an exciting venture planned there for later this year that I will be sharing more details about soon! Until then: read on, be inspired and keep dreaming of warm weather…

 I love love love to travel and one might say I am always up for an adventure. I started 2014 out with a spontaneous trip to Costa Rica, one that I never expected to make such an impact in my life. The place was never on my top 10 places I had to visit, but I couldn’t pass up a last minute deal when a friend called to invite me.

We booked the trip and, after further research, learned we would be staying in a small town on the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula. As some colleagues may already know, the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica is home to one of the world’s Blue Zones as termed by Dan Buettner and his team of researchers. A ‘Blue Zone’ is a geographic area where its people live measurably longer lives. Many individuals of these Blue Zone areas live to be 100 years or older due to lifestyle habits of daily exercise, healthy diet, and strong family and community ties. Sound familiar? It’s no wonder Healthways entered into a partnership with the Blue Zones.

view from pool

Villa View

We visited the tiny gorgeous oasis, Mal Pais, where the attractions are surfing, adventure, and relaxation. You won’t find any chain restaurants, all-inclusive resorts, or even red lights in the area. The roads are still gravel and commercialism hasn’t found its way there. What you will find is a tightly knit community where fish is caught in the morning and cooked the same night, outdoor activities are encouraged from sun up to sun down, and living in the moment is imperative.


Surfing and Fresh Coconut Water

sunset on the beach

Gorgeous Beach Sunset

How do I plan to live well this year? More ’Pura Vida’ as the Costa Ricans say, which translates to ‘pure life.’ I’m going to champion my own Blue Zone by disconnecting more often, spending more time out in nature, preparing more fresh and from scratch meals, and being present in everything I do. Stay tuned to see what other adventures I have in store. Until then….Be Excited. Be Healthways. Be Well!

2015 is a busy year already with lots to look forward to! New home, a wedding, and a second life-changing experience in Costa Rica! Details to come!

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