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One month ago today, we were waiting on a hopper plane to Tambor airport, where we would embark on our last 45 minute leg of the trip to our tiny resort up the most windy, gravely road you can imagine in Mal Pais, Costa Rica.  The only description I can currently find fitting enough is awe-inspiring.  Multiply that by 100 and hopefully you get the idea of how in love I am with that tiny town.  I’m rarely a repeat traveler (having taken the exact trip two years prior with my travel friend, Amie), but I had to bring back my husband for the experience.    You can check out a few of my favorite travel pics below:

I longed for a fresh mango smoothie the entire trip, but unfortunately the fruit was too green and I couldn’t find one ANYWHERE.  Most of the food here is literally so fresh; if it’s not in season or not caught that day-you aren’t eating it.  LOVEEEEEE! Kind of fitting for the country’s motto: Pura Vida, which translates to ‘pure life’.

So since mango was out of the question, I settled for pineapple and I’ve been obsessed since.  There is something about consuming a piece of fresh fruit in a tropical setting that enhances the taste and experience like no other.  Having no agenda, no distraction, no haste; we were able to fully appreciate the full flavor profile of a fresh pineapple smoothie.  It sounds sort of ridiculous that a foodie’s most vivid memory is of a simple smoothie.  Not kidding-I’m relatively positive that it was ONLY pineapple, water and ice.   I’ve tried to carry that mindset with me back to the States as I sometimes unknowingly become consumed with work, errands, and other commitments.  We all do….and then we forget to actually taste our food or how to enjoy the experience of sitting down to a meal with our loved ones.

I’ve captured my attempts at recreating that pineapple smoothie below, with a few creative additions.

Here’s a recipe to try next time you are hankering for a tropically inspired pick-me-up.  I like to infuse subtle herbs and flavors to off-set the sweetness; and using cilantro and/or jalapeño in this one was perfection! Enjoy!

1 cup fresh, sliced pineapple

¼ cup coconut water

¼ cup plain, filtered water

2 sprigs cilantro leaves

1-2 lime wedges, freshly squeezed

¼ jalapeño, seeds removed (optional)

Directions: Combine all ingredients in a blender and mix until smooth.

Pura Vida fellow foodies!!! 🙂

Costa Rica Dreamin’


May 1, 2016


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