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Banana Almond Pancakes

Fun fact-I once saw a tattoo that read “love slow, live fast” on a snorkeling boat tour guide in Fort Lauderdale.   That’s exactly how I feel about love, and life….and breakfast!!!???  Breakfast is absolutely my favorite meal; one that should not be rushed, but savored and lingered over before an exhilarating day of surfing, hiking, kayaking (in my perfect world) or…..a busy day of work at the office.

While vacationing in Costa Rica earlier this year, we were served banana pancakes at our resort.  They were so simply, yet deliciously prepared and we devoured them as we overlooked the ocean in the middle of a remote jungle on the Nicoya Peninsula (currently wanderlusting, if you can’t tell).  I finally got around to recreating my own version; using an almond flour/whole wheat flour combo, honey and almond butter.  I may not be at a beach resort, but they give me mentally good vibes, none-the-less; not to mention they taste AMAZING!


Not only are these pancakes super easy to make; they are packed with healthy carbs, fiber and protein to keep you energized and ready for the day, wherever it leads.  I would recommend making a batch of these over the weekend, and saving any leftovers to be frozen and reheated whenever a speedy breakfast is needed.

This recipe makes about 7-8 medium sized pancakes.  Do you guys have a go-to breakfast favorite?

banana almond pancake 3

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