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You know that thing you would do if you had juuuuuust a bit more time?  Well, lucky you! Recently I was introduced to Shipt-a membership based, on demand grocery store delivery service, available in Nashville and expanding quickly to many metropolises throughout the US-most recently the San Antonio and Austin, TX areas.  When I heard Shipt was gifting the Nashville Food Bloggers a free membership, excited was an understatement.  I’m all about making life simpler and freeing up time to focus on what’s important-whether that’s time with loved ones, hustling on a dream, giving back to the community, learning a new language or ______________.  (You fill it in.)

How does it work?

You subscribe monthly ($14.00) or yearly ($99.00) to have your Publix or HEB groceries delivered directly to your door and into your kitchen (other store partnerships are on the horizon).    You order and pay via a user-friendly mobile-app and have your groceries delivered in as little as the next hour!

Try 2 weeks FREE and sign up at my link—>  HERE Major bonus: schedule delivery to the office, while on vacation or surprise a friend/loved one with dinner tonight-as long as it’s within the Shipt service area.  Healthy meal planning doesn’t get easier and, if you don’t see an item in the categories below-search the full index of products.

shipt app menu

via Shipt.com

Who shops?

Shipt has a localized community of shoppers that undergo extensive training before hitting stores.  My shopper communicated with me when she reached the market to ask if there was anything I’d left off my order (which she was able to pick up and add on).  If an item is out of stock, you can choose for your shopper to call and inquire about proper substitutions or use best judgement.  My shopper arrived exactly within the window of time chosen and my order was perfect!  Stellar performance 🙂

What’s the catch?

No Pokémon Go-ing over here! You should expect to pay only $5.00 more than you would if shopping inside the store yourself.  This is similar to other service fees charged for grocery store pick-ups and carry outs, but you don’t have to waste precious minutes and miles driving to the store with Shipt.  Publix also offers BOGO sale prices for Shipt orders (no coupons though)! Happy dance!

Let’s recap, shall we?

shipt shop

via Shipt.com

BOOM! Life just got a whole lot easier for us Nashvillians and our surrounding neighbors.  My only suggestion to Shipt (and I hear it’s currently being addressed) is implementation of reusable bags. Kudos to Shipt for listening to it’s clientele and promoting sustainability! 🙂

Now it’s your turn. If you are ready to take back valuable time and check grocery shopping off your TO-DO list, use my LINK and receive $10.00 back when you sign up.   HAPPY SHOPPING!! #shiptlife

Oh and in case you’re wondering: If I had more time,  I’d create a recipe with these gorgeous oyster mushrooms. Thank you for the extra time, Shipt!

Recipe coming soon…


Join the SHIPT life!

living well

August 1, 2016


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