Month: September 2016

‘From Scratch’ Vegetable Broth

If you’re buying vegetable broth at the grocery store, you’re doing life wrong.  Make it yourself and you’ll never go back to the processed, weak, flavored water you’ll find in box or can format. It’s so ridiculously simple and you’ll feel better about not throwing out your produce nearing spoilage level. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, 40% of food in the US goes to waste. Help be a part of the solution with my recipe below. Just save your nearly spoiled produce and  vegetable scraps not otherwise being used, place in the freezer in a gallon sized bag until you have about 5-6 cups and you’re all set.  Your soups, stews and chili will thank you.  Not to mention vegetable broth brings another dimension to pasta, quinoa and any other grain that calls for boiling.  ENJOY!

My Minimalism

My minimalism journey began in the midst of a ‘quarter-life crisis’- stuck in a career I wasn’t passionate about, living in a city that wasn’t ‘me’ and dating a guy that lacked my core values.  I wasn’t living the American dream and making 6 figures like some self-proclaimed Minimalists, but I had a decent paying career as a foodservice Registered Dietitian. And I was a dreamer…without a plan other than to make myself happy and live a purposeful life.  So I took a risk and quit my job, traveled across Europe, broke up with my boyfriend and moved to a new city.  Since then I’ve been extremely blessed to say the least and credit’s due to having faith and taking a leap. I’ll save the mushy details for a later date. After decluttering my life of that which no longer served me-I was free to focus on my passions.  That my friends… is Minimalism.  You don’t have to earn a 6 figure salary to be happy and live a purposeful life (if so-I’d never make it). If you can …

RE-use, RE-love & Donate

The seasons are a cha cha cha chaaaaanging!  I’m following suit with Mother Nature’s upcoming wardrobe update and exchanging out my closet a bit. Since much of my clothing is purchased at recycled fashion shops, resale venues or treasure hunted through thrift stores-their bargain prices make it easy to over-accumulate.  Bargain shopping for business appropriate attire is an art form ya’ll; I’m devoting an entire upcoming post to it since I get a lot of comments on the subject. It’s extra hard for me to let go of wearable items I’ve collected through travel…cue up the pink soccer polo circa Barcelona 2011 still taking up space in my dresser.  If I  haven’t worn it this summer or in the last year, it’s definitely being donated.   But it’s more than just about updating seasonal attire.  I don’t NEED more clothing-I’m actually working toward decreasing the amount of clothing I own and moving toward a capsule wardrobe.  If you’re questioning what the heck a capsule wardrobe is: learn more here.  I tell myself it’s all practice for when we build our tiny house, but …