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RE-use, RE-love & Donate

The seasons are a cha cha cha chaaaaanging!  I’m following suit with Mother Nature’s upcoming wardrobe update and exchanging out my closet a bit. Since much of my clothing is purchased at recycled fashion shops, resale venues or treasure hunted through thrift stores-their bargain prices make it easy to over-accumulate.  Bargain shopping for business appropriate attire is an art form ya’ll; I’m devoting an entire upcoming post to it since I get a lot of comments on the subject. It’s extra hard for me to let go of wearable items I’ve collected through travel…cue up the pink soccer polo circa Barcelona 2011 still taking up space in my dresser.  If I  haven’t worn it this summer or in the last year, it’s definitely being donated.


The BEFORE-my disorganized, jumbled mess of a closet.


But it’s more than just about updating seasonal attire.  I don’t NEED more clothing-I’m actually working toward decreasing the amount of clothing I own and moving toward a capsule wardrobe.  If you’re questioning what the heck a capsule wardrobe is: learn more here.  I tell myself it’s all practice for when we build our tiny house, but it’s really about quality purchases and responsible consumerism.

We in America are privileged, and we easily forget it.  We’re blessed beyond measure, but yet we complain when our internet speeds are too slow and our cable company customer service is inadequate.  We purchase more socks and underwear because we’re too lazy to do our piles of laundry in the other room.  NO. Not when there is a kid in India that considers his most prized possessions to be a pencil box and a pair of shoes that his father gifted him.  Not when many people in other countries earn and live off a wage of $2.00 a day.


Through One Child Matters, we can send letters, photos and small gifts to our sponsored child.  Isn’t he adorable?!


We recently had the opportunity to sponsor a child through One Child Matters, a non-profit that provides health care, education and faith building to children in need around the world.  I encourage you guys to check it out and consider sponsorship as well; it’s been an eye opening experience already, and we’ve only just begun this  journey.  Cleaning out and organizing my closet makes just a tiny dent in the overall scheme, but if my donated clothing can be reused and loved by another-it matters.

Stay tuned for the new and improved AFTER version of the closet (at least my side).  PS-does anyone have a Marie Kondo book I can borrow?




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