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My Minimalism

My minimalism journey began in the midst of a ‘quarter-life crisis’- stuck in a career I wasn’t passionate about, living in a city that wasn’t ‘me’ and dating a guy that lacked my core values.  I wasn’t living the American dream and making 6 figures like some self-proclaimed Minimalists, but I had a decent paying career as a foodservice Registered Dietitian.

And I was a dreamer…without a plan other than to make myself happy and live a purposeful life.  So I took a risk and quit my job, traveled across Europe, broke up with my boyfriend and moved to a new city.  Since then I’ve been extremely blessed to say the least and credit’s due to having faith and taking a leap. I’ll save the mushy details for a later date.

After decluttering my life of that which no longer served me-I was free to focus on my passions.  That my friends… is Minimalism.  You don’t have to earn a 6 figure salary to be happy and live a purposeful life (if so-I’d never make it).


If you can relate to ANY of the above-WELCOME! If you’re at all into food, travel, protecting the environment or saving money-you’ve come to the right place. You’ll enjoy:

  • SUSTAINABILITY TIPS to decrease waste
  • BUDGET FRIENDLY IDEAS to reduce unhealthy consumption
  • REAL FOOD RECIPES, with a few indulgences laced in
  • DECLUTTERING SUGGESTIONS to unlock full physical and mental potential

Have more questions, want to collaborate or share your story? I’d love to hear from you! Complete the form below or email me at:

Learn more about  MY STORY and thanks for stopping by 🙂



  1. urbangirlscloset says

    I love how you left everything and started over. I know that can’t be easy, but you’re living life for you now which is hard for a lot of women to do.

    You have courage my friend.

    Shelbi | Urban Girl’s Closet

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