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5 Minimalist Habits for Success

If someone were to question me on my latest success story; I would tell them I navigated the Boston public transit system to and from the airport without asking for assistance.  Major win for us directionally challenged souls!

How do we measure success in today’s culture; is it amount of income? Accomplishing meaningful work? Number of social media followers?  Or could it be the high you feel after dragging yourself out of bed and kicking that AM workout’s booty?  Maybe it’s nailing an in-office presentation or simply spreading joy.

I’ve been intrigued by the habits of successful individuals for some time- especially fellow colleagues in the nutrition world.  Having just returned home from the annual Food and Nutrition Conference (FNCE), I was able to hear from and connect with many fellow superstar RDs and I have the dish on what habits help them achieve greatness!  To be successful-no matter your definition or profession-try adapting these five habits into your daily grind:

REMOVE THE CLUTTER: Physical and mental clutter is ultra-destructive to creativity and productivity.  Nutrition entrepreneur rock stars Alexis Joseph and Jenny Westerkamp have both ditched TV in order to focus on their mega successful blogs and businesses without the added noise.

RELY ON YOUR SUPPORT NETWORK: A truly successful person will NEVER claim to have achieved it all alone.  It’s okay to ask for help and often times recognizing your weaknesses births the biggest breakthroughs. Keynote speaker and Shark Tank investor, Barbara Corcoran, hired her exact opposite self to manage her office and it became a business match made in heaven!

SCHEDULE DOWN TIME:  Research says our brains can only function at maximum capacity for 90 minutes at a time before our attention wanders.  Whether it’s a 15 minute walk around the neighborhood or an 8 day backcountry camping adventure, make time to unwind.  Some of the most innovative ideas have come during rest (hello gravity by Isaac Newton) and you’re sure to return energized and laser focused!

HAVE FUN: Should be a no brainer, right?  Many of us get caught up in the tiniest of details, leaving no room for error and punishing ourselves when the plan isn’t executed exactly how we imagined.  Positive thinking attracts positive results.  Sometimes you just need to jump in headfirst without a plan, figure it out later and enjoy riding the waves in between.

BE AUTHENTIC: THIS is an absolute when it comes to being successful at anything in life.  You just KNOW when a person is on fire and living out their purpose; nothing can stop them!  In the words of Academy spokesperson Wesley Delbridge “You can’t fake passion.”

FNCE 2016-Thanks for fueling the fire and helping me find my voice!


  1. Great post! I wasn’t able to make it to FNCE this year, but appreciate your insight and sharing your tips for success. As a fellow minimalist, I applaud your efforts to emphasize the ‘less is more’ concepts. I look forward to seeing more of your work!

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