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I recently challenged myself to create a ‘recycled fashion’ conference capsule wardrobe to promote minimalism and responsible consumerism.  Not only did I achieve thrifting victory (a like-new Marc Jacobs trench for $7.50), I had a blast styling and photographing my wardrobe around Boston’s historic digs.

Thrifting has always been a guilty pleasure, but lately it’s become more of a passion with a purpose.  Shopping retail budget fashion stores for the latest trends may provide a few extra dollars in your bank account, but it’s ultimately harming the environment and potentially those laboring to produce the goods.

According to the Council for Textile Recycling, the average American now generates 82 pounds of textile waste every year.  Behind the oil and gas industry, the fashion and garment industry ranks second as the most harmful for the environment in terms of pollution.

What did I learn during my Boston conference capsule wardrobe experience?

  1. Spending less money does not mean forgoing quality.  It’s easy to find designer brands at highly discounted prices if you have a plan and a little patience when shopping recycled fashion.
  2. Maintaining your wardrobe becomes a joy when you own less and adore it all.
  3. Traveling with lighter luggage equals LESS transportation costs equals MORE money and time to spend on cultural food and experiences. Yes, please!
  4. Feeling confident in your style spills over into all areas of your life.  Promoting sustainable fashion at a food and nutrition conference was a great (and rewarding) conversation starter.

Enjoy my full conference capsule wardrobe below and click on each photo to find out what’s been ‘reloved’.  That’s 15 pieces (including shoes and accessories) and 5.5 days of travel, conferencing and Boston exploration.

Boston: Capsule Wardrobe Style


October 26, 2016


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