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Winter 10×10: The Final Five

I have a confession. Until a few years ago, I had no interest in fashion-except for the thrill of thrifting and occasionally scoring a designer label for pennies, although it probably didn’t pair with anything else in my wardrobe.  I despised retail shopping and the thought of spending my hard-earned money towards a label literally pained me.   I still don’t have it figured out, but I’ve discovered a whole new fashion world I can relate to.

Sustainable. Ethical. Slow. It’s fashion that isn’t harmful to the environment nor the individuals that work to produce the clothing. I’ll save the details for later, but today, I’m sharing my final thoughts on the Winter10x10 challenge I’ve been participating in.  The object is to wear 10 articles of clothing for 10 days in order to create 10 new ensembles. You can see Week 1 details here.

I’m not the least bit excited about the challenge ending, although adding color back into the rotation will be an appreciated change.  My creative energy is flowing and I’ve connected with so many fabulous ladies, all passionate about minimizing excess and more intentional living.  Before sharing my lessons learned, below you’ll find the final 5 outfits from the challenge:


I’m no fashionista and can’t claim to provide any valuable styling tips, so I’m merely sharing what I’ve learned over the past two weeks from participating in the challenge.  This is an avenue I’ll continue to explore and share what I learn along the way!

  1. Dresses can be disguised as tops. 

    The ‘dress-as-a-shirt’ method opens up so much closet opportunity-just make sure it’s a shorter, thinner fabric style to ensure minimal bulkiness.  This may be THE biggest fashion discovery to date!

  2. Layers are key for versatility.

    Oh, the possibilities; I’ve realized I don’t have enough layering pieces! Simple tweaks with layers can create an entire new look.  I’m dying over all the cropped sweater layering I’ve seen in the challenge.

  3. Basics are essential. 

    Salt, pepper and oil can elevate an otherwise bland dish. Basics. I chose black, white and beige hues for the challenge because they pair well with everything and classics never go out of style.  I’ve never worn black on black before, but it felt so simple and chic upon trying it for day 7. I’ll definitely repeat the Johnny Cash look again.

  4. Shop your closet first. 

    A woman adds an average of 64 items to her wardrobe each year, while in 1930 she had a total of only 9 outfits. I’ve made one clothing purchase since September of last year and was able to forgo the impulse to buy anything new over the holiday season.  Creativity loves constraint and you’ll be amazed at what new outfits you can create with what’s already in your closet.

  5. Be intentional with brands. 

    From this point forward, I’ll be closely researching the clothing brands I purchase.  Where is the cotton and fabric sourced? Where was it made and was the worker treated ethically and paid a fair wage?  I’m happy to spend more money on a piece when craftsmanship and employee rights are considered AND being intentional with purchases means I can budget more for this area.

I can’t wait to put these observances into practice and continue minimizing my wardrobe! Good luck to those finishing up the 10×10!




  1. You rocked the 10×10! I’m so happy to have found you via the challenge and I love your takeaways. I look forward to following more of your journey.

  2. I must go back and read about this challenge! I love these looks you have posted and I believe I was one more. I have been incredibly frustrated with trying to purchase things on Amazon that are items made in the USA. Dame with eBay. If you do run across a trusted site, please blog about it! So enjoy having some fun on a blog as yours! -Kim

      • Oh! Great start! I probably wouldn’t mind paying a bit more for American made but I am a die hard thrifter and will never pay retail full price! So I like that you thrift as well! Thank you for the information. -kim

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