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Although the last winter storm is currently making its rounds through the US, I see 70 degree temps in the forecast AND lots of spring capsule talk!

My new found love of ethical and sustainable fashion has me dreaming of all the Everlane and Elizabeth Suzann pieces that my closet lacks.  Having just donated my remaining cold weather attire not touched these last few months, there may be room for an item or two!

Until that day arrives, I’m shopping my own closet for my spring capsule.  My challenge will be incorporating pieces that transition from a corporate office setting to casual evening events and in the words of Barney Stinson-Challenge Accepted!

If you’re new to capsuling or in the midst of a closet fast, here are a five tips to help you shop your own closet instead of buying new:

  1. Take inventory: It’s helpful to know what you’re working with before you plan your attack. Chances are you’ll find forgotten items and duplicated pieces.
  2. Pick a color palate: Choose 4-5 colors that pair well together.  Upon closer review, you’ll begin to see a pattern of styles and colors you gravitate toward.  Neutrals usually work well, but don’t be afraid to add patterns and textures to keep it interesting.
  3. Map it out: I use Pinterest, Instagram and fellow style bloggers to search fashion combos that can be created with what I already own.  Think of it as meal planning, but with clothes.
  4. Get creative: I get WAY excited about this aspect because I love fresh styling ideas.  A smaller wardrobe means you’ll be wearing items together you may not have otherwise considered.  The novel tucked dress-as-a-shirt idea will be making a spring appearance!
  5. Own it: If you’re here and reading this post, you’re committed or at least interested in being more intentional and less wasteful with your wardrobe.  It’s easy to pull off most any style combo if you’re confident in your choices.

I’m not entirely finished with spring capsule planning, but wanted to provide a little sneak peak of a few items from my closet I’ve chosen to style:

IMG_4084 (2)

J.Crew blush skirt (secondhand)


IMG_4094 (2)

Gap skinnies (old)

IMG_4086 (2)

Gap jean jacket (old)


IMG_4132 (3)

lou & grey cotton tee (secondhand)

IMG_4100 (3)

White House Black Market ankle pants (secondhand)



I hope you’ll join me in shopping your own closet this season! Stay tuned for more details as I create my spring capsule!






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March 14, 2017


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