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The Sustainable Kitchen Series: Part Four

Just in time for Earth Day, I’m wrapping up my sustainable kitchen series, and although there is much more to cover in this journey, I hope you’ve discovered a few techniques to implement on your way to creating a more sustainable kitchen and ultimately, lifestyle.

If you need a refresher, check out part one on organization, part two on sustainable eating and shopping, and part three on storage.

My final focus is on reducing food waste at home.  Organization, proper storage and planning ahead to make use of everything on hand are all key to making an impact on this epidemic.

To get the most reach from items in your fridge and pantry, I’ve asked a few foodie blogger friends to share their best tips and recipes to aid in using up ALL THE FOOD! Check them out below and please share YOUR tips in the comments!

Roasted Beet Pesto and Greens Pasta Toss from Katie at One Hungry Bunny

Roasted beet


Carrot Top Pumpkin Seed Pesto Pasta from Erica Julson


Best Ever Beef and Broccoli from Erica Julson


Herbed Garlic Bread from Erica Julson


Broccoli Slaw Salad with Flax and Hemp Seed from Amy Gorin


Sausage and Fennel Frond Pasta from Erica Julson

‘From Scratch’ Veggie Broth (my recipe!)








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