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It’s time for the final five of the Summer10x10: that’s 10 pieces, 10 days and 10 different summer combos! I started out the challenge completely uninspired by my limited summer attire, but just a few days into WEEK ONE had me full of ideas!

Let’s chat about some of my week two picks:

The old: 

The direction of my style has been headed in the sustainable route for quite sometime, but as I was searching through my closet ahead of week two, I discovered an old, fast-fashion label, button-down shirt-dress I’d forgotten about.  It was purchased over five years ago and it’s been worn with boots and leggings, under a faux fur vest, and as a stand alone shirt-dress over the years without needing repair.

Even with the fast-fashion label, I feel good that I resurrected it for this challenge as a layering piece and again as a shirt! Although I won’t be shopping that particular brand again, I’m glad I’ve maximized its wear and it’s earned a space in my closet for a bit longer.

The new:

I’ve already mentioned my new Nisolo Serena Sandals and how IN LOVE I am with them, but another favorite purchase this season has been my new-to-me Madewell half button down shirt-dress.  I picked it up at Crossroads Trading Company, a secondhand store with locations sprinkled throughout the nation, including Boulder, Colorado where my husband and I spring-vacationed.  I’m so excited to style it through the fall and yes- I’ll be smashing the ‘no white after Labor Day’ rule.

Check out days 6-10 below:


Again, these styles are by no means revolutionary, but they do a pretty good job of defining my lifestyle.  I’ll dig deeper into that when I post my full recap of the challenge soon.

Styling note:

I already mentioned the shirt dress as a layering piece and as a, well, shirt; but I must give idea credits to the fabulous fashion bloggers I’ve met since beginning these 10×10 challenges.  Silk and cotton dresses tend to work best due to their relaxed and flowy nature.  The dress as a shirt’ concept has been applicable in colder weather as well.

Stay tuned for my final thoughts on my summer style and the challenge!

The Final 5: Summer10x10


July 23, 2017


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  1. Rusty

    July 23rd, 2017 at 7:27 am

    Motherf**k that Labor Day rule!- Gansta Erin
    Another insightful post!

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