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Why I 10×10: Creativity, Confidence and Community

In case you haven’t been following along, I’ve just wrapped up another 10×10 challenge in which I styled 10 items of clothing and shoes 10 different ways for 10 days in a row.

Why 10×10? I started participating in these challenges less than a year ago as a creative outlet when I began pairing down by wardrobe, and to also define my style.  It’s helped me develop mini capsules that work for the office and for travel, but I still have PLENTY of room to minimize my closet even further.

What I’ve gained even more so than the styling tips and ideas is a COMMUNITY of women that stand for transparency in the fashion industry, which translates into better working conditions and fair pay for employees around the globe AND environmentally friendly production standards.  I’m truly in awe of the 10×10 community and the inspiration and connection that continue long after the challenges are over.  Caroline over at Unfancy and Lee of StyleBee are the cohosts that have brought us all together. PS-you can read all the details on past style challenges on their sites.

Let’s look at my 10 pieces:

image (2)

All items are either old, thrifted, or a sustainable brand; and then I included my very non-traditional wedding dress for our minimalist elopement + wedding in Key West.

I chose only one pair of sandals for the challenge-my Nisolo Serena sandals that I purchased here in their Nashville showroom.  If you aren’t familiar with the brand, check out their products, all handmade in ethical factories you can read all about on their website.  You’ll never want to shop anywhere else for  women’s shoes. (And they have plenty for the men in our lives as well! )

Because I only included one pair of sandals, I could have extended the challenge for two more weeks before running out of combinations as I wore some of the items only once.



Style notes:

I’m obviously drawn to neutrals, earth tones and classic staple pieces.  I’m learning to be comfortable with simple, not just in wardrobe terms but in other aspects of life as well. Or maybe it’s the other way around and my minimalist values have bled into my closet. Either way, I’m feeling it.

To set off the simple, it’s amazing how one small wardrobe tweak (a knotted placement on a top or an unexpected layer) can cause an ensemble to ‘pop’ and raise your confidence level.

Thanks for following along and check out some of the other 10×10 recaps from the community:

Nadia @ Happymalista

Rebecca @ GradSchoolStyle

Caroline @ Unfancy

Lee @ StyleBee

Disclosure: This post was not sponsored by Nisolo nor was any compensation provided for my time, however this post contains an affiliate link. If you click on a link I may be paid a small commission if you make a purchase. All opinions are my own.


  1. awasteno says

    Such a fun thing to do! As you know I’m in the process of minimizing my wardrobe. I’ve always loved seeing pieces worn multiple ways and have been thinking of doing a challenge similar to this to test the versatility of the items in my wardrobe that I’m on the fence about whether or not to keep. Great 10×10!!!

    P.S. The back on your dress is lovely and those shoes are the perfect minimalist footwear as they look to be such good quality and of course, a wonderfully neutral tone! 🙂


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