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Invest in a Woman @ FASHIONABLE

I recently explained how I dumped fast fashion and started kindling a relationship with more ethical and sustainable brands, like Nashville-based Nisolo, that produce beautiful, quality goods with minimal environmental impact , while ensuring employees a fair wage.

Let me introduce you to FASHIONABLE-another Nashville brand making a phenomenal impact by providing a means for women who’ve overcome prostitution, addiction and homelessness to support themselves. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

FASHIONABLE is a lifestyle brand focused on ending generation poverty by working with women who have often overcome extraordinary circumstances. If we are to end generational poverty, society must create jobs for women lacking opportunity.

Find out more about their commitment to empower women:
Invest in a Woman @ FASHIONABLE

Their collection of leather, shoes, apparel and accessories are simple, chic and absolute eye candy for my minimalist tastes.

On August 15 *TODAY*, they are launching a denim line and offering FREE shipping for the first 48 hours! I’ll be attending the launch party so stay tuned for updates and shop the link below for ALL the styles! 


Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you click on a link I may be paid a small commission if you make a purchase. All opinions are my own.

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