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Expo East + Life Lessons

Things I regret this year:

  1. Getting though to a local radio station after 20 attempts to win Tom Petty tickets, only to fail at naming ONE song the band sings.  I still choke up thinking about that lifetime fail.
  2. Not visiting A SINGLE pool this summer.  What have I been doing with my life?

Things I definitely don’t regret this year:

  1. Making more time for family on the parent’s farm.
  2. Heading to an Influencer Summit at Expo East in Baltimore after a near last-minute invite.

For those wondering what Expo East might be, it’s a trade show connecting over 1,500 sustainable, ecofriendly brands to consumers.  There are seminars, acres and acres of sampling and plenty of networking events; basically what your organic loving, green living, tree hugging, crunchy dreams are made of.

I had no expectations and knew literally no one except the person that extended the invite, but I definitely found my people and my spark.  There are SO MANY amazing brands and individuals out there making the world a better and healthier place by sharing their passions; be it an all natural, sustainable aluminum foil alternative or a healthy, hot cereal brand that donates a serving of its product to a local food bank for every serving purchased. ALL THE FEELS! I’m excited to introduce you to many of my new friends over the next few months!


Breaking mid Expo to hang out at Inner Harbor

No matter what industry you work in or what you stand for in life, these takeaways from the inaugural Influencer Summit will basically serve you forever:

  1. BE AUTHENTIC.  Yes-that word has become a bit overused, but it’s still completely true.  Passion CANNOT be faked.
  2. DON’T PREACH. LIVE YOUR TRUTH.  It’s hard as an influencer (or a human) not to judge someone you’ve set an example for, given advice to, or reasoned with time and time again only to have them speed off in the opposite direction.  Do your thing and people will eventually follow.
  3. MAKE FRIENDS OUTSIDE YOUR NICHE.  How can you really make a difference if you don’t know what’s important to those outside your circle?  Doing the comfortable thing rarely leads to growth.
  4. ALWAYS CONSIDER RETURN ON PURPOSE.  Yes, making a living is a must, but who are you helping and how is the world a better place because of it? In the end, isn’t that what matters most?
  5. TAKE THE CHANCE. With having made zero plans and knowing no one in a city I’d never visited, not once did I dine alone thanks to the hospitality of different Expo exhibitors and attendees I happened to meet.  Take the chance, reach out and feel the positive energy unfold.

Thank you Expo East for showing this expo newbie a stellar time and providing me energy, igniting my passion and flaming the fire.

To be continued!










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