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I’m a Tennessee farm girl turned full time freelance writer and content creator for environmentally conscious brands and corporations.  Now in Nashville, I frequently contribute to local and national media outlets on all aspects of sustainability and living with less.

I also help busy entrepreneurs free up time to make more money. I ghost write for business blogs, edit content, and overall relieve the stress that content creation can sometimes trigger.  What creates overwhelm for many, satisfies my 'writer's high.'

As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist by trade, I have nearly a decade of content creation experience in the corporate wellness industry, until last year. In early 2018 I received news no employee ever wants to hear. "Your position is being eliminated and you have xx days to vacate."

Except I wasn’t devastated- I was ecstatic. I had grown tired of being just another figure impeding the corporate bottom line, and was already planning my exit with several external writing gigs.   

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There was no frantic job search for my next source of income.  Living below our means and taking control of our finances provided freedom to focus on my writing passions.  I'm building the life I'd only dreamed of beyond the 9 to 5!

My introduction to 'minimalism' occurred growing up on the farm, long before the term was coined.  Somehow on a blue-collar, single income my parents built a home and paid for multiple cars and college tuitions with cash.

I learned early on the value of experiences over things, how to treat the planet with respect, and that choosing quality over quantity doesn't have to break the bank.

Environmental stewardship and minimizing waste have always been pillars in my own brand and I'm passionate about spreading the 'waste LESS, live MORE' message.  LET'S PARTNER! 

Living with less

Freelance writer + content creator

Want more ways to waste less + live more? Check out the blog!  

My husband and I eloped and were married on a random Monday in Key West nearly four years ago! 


We have a toddler trapped in a dog suit named 'Jovi.' 


Hiking the entire Appalachian Trail is one of my life goals. 


Flea markets, antique shops and thrift stores are my happy places! 




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Having Erin edit my content before distributing it to clients provides peace of mind. 

I can relax knowing she'll work her editing magic AND she's freed up extra time for me to focus on other aspects of my business. 

Kelly Kormos, Nashville area realtor

"Working with erin is a win-win all around!"

Erin is a truly refreshing person to collaborate with, in the sense that she is authentic and grounded in her values and voice as a down-to-earth nutritionist and former ‘corporate employer-turned-content creator’ who followed her passion in a mindful, mission-driven way.

The writing that Erin has done for me was spot-on in terms of length, tone, and understanding our brand audience.

On top of that, she’s witty and kind – a winning combo every time!

Jessie Shafer, Editor-in-Chief, Delicious Living magazine;
Content Director at New Hope Network

"The writing that Erin has done for me was spot-on in terms of length, tone, and understanding our brand audience."

We brought Erin on in 2018 to take over a few content creation projects this year, and haven't looked back since.

Having Erin on our team has been a huge asset, saves us tons of time, and has allowed us to focus on scaling our business to nearly $750k of revenue last year. Stop reading testimonials and hire her already.

Bobby Hoyt, Millennial Money Man

Life saver. Wordsmith. Type-A+ personality. These are the words that almost capture how awesome Erin is. 

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