About Erin

LESS processed ingredients and MORE real food.  LESS waste and MORE sustainable practices. LESS dieting and MORE mindfulness.  LESS busyness and MORE living.

I grew up on a small farm in rural Tennessee-where entertainment was provided by nature, food was fresh from the garden and the small things in life became the big things.  I learned to never settle, to dream big and to always choose adventure rather than play it safe.  At the age of 27 (the age I thought I’d have it together, but instead experienced a quarter-life crisis) I quit my job as a foodservice dietitian, traveled across Europe, broke up with a boyfriend and moved back to Nashville to start from square one.  I truly learned early on what it means to LIVE purposefully, LIVE passionately and most importantly-LIVE free.

Today, I coordinate wellness programs for employer groups around the state, helping companies and communities create a culture of health.  Outside of work, you can find me hiking, eating good food, traveling or thrifting my way through Nashville. I’m on a journey to protect the environment, practice sustainability and encourage others to consume responsibly.  My goal here is to inspire YOU to live MORE, do MORE and hopefully find your own version of Minimalism.  You can expect:

REAL FOOD RECIPES, with a few splurges (of course)

SUSTAINABILITY TIPS to decrease waste

BUDGET FRIENDLY IDEAS to reduce overconsumption

DECLUTTERING SUGGESTIONS to unlock full physical and mental potential

For collaborations, please email me at MinimalistRD@gmail.com



So, what the heck is Minimalism:

There is a movement happening-a freedom from consumerism and materialism; living with less in order to lead a more fulfilling and purposeful life. I’m only now understanding this innate desire to be even more intentional as I’m delving more deeply into a way of life so many are already living-Minimalism. There is no one-size-fits-all definition for Minimalism. It might be a month of forgoing a morning latte or social media for some or it could be selling all possessions to travel the world and chase a dream for others. I’m probably somewhere in the middle of that spectrum. 








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