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Snowpocalypse 2016

I kind of love being snowed in.  I’ve had plenty of time to leisurely drink coffee, watch old episodes of Fixer Upper, and stare at snow falling for hours.  A seriously welcomed adult time-out! With such technology driven, on-the-go lifestyles, we forget to slow down and just….be, sometimes.  I highly recommend it! Now-we haven’t exactly spent the entire time being blobs on the couch.  I thought it’d be the perfect time to take some pics, play outdoors and oogle the cottage style homes in the area.  This is what a Tennessee winter looks like ya’ll:           Life will resume as scheduled on Monday; slow down, soak it up, be grateful and enjoy the art outside 🙂

Kitchen Vibes

Sooooooooo…..I’m a bad Dietitian.  Let me explain.  The month of March is (was) National Nutrition Month-a whole month devoted to Dietitians and educating the community and individuals on how to eat healthfully and improve lifestyle habits.  This year the theme was ‘Bite Into a Healthy Lifestyle.’ Hello-so many opportunities missed for a play on words.  Let’s just say I didn’t take the Bite bate. I have been MIA from my blogging life with just moving into our first ever HOME! “Official Adult Status” Between the part time job that I consider securing a mortgage and moving through a TN March ice storm AND National Nutrition Month activities, I’m ready for a vacation. Here are some highlights from my National Nutrition Month.  Stay tuned for a fun travel adventure in April. My fellow dietitian teammates and myself held a taste challenge in which colleagues tasted a bite and guessed the ingredients. Here are the Sweet Potato Brownies from Deliciously Ella.  She has some very tasty and pretty gluten free/vegan recipes on her blog and just came out with a cookbook! …