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‘From Scratch’ Vegetable Broth

If you’re buying vegetable broth at the grocery store, you’re doing life wrong.  Make it yourself and you’ll never go back to the processed, weak, flavored water you’ll find in box or can format. It’s so ridiculously simple and you’ll feel better about not throwing out your produce nearing spoilage level. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, 40% of food in the US goes to waste. Help be a part of the solution with my recipe below. Just save your nearly spoiled produce and  vegetable scraps not otherwise being used, place in the freezer in a gallon sized bag until you have about 5-6 cups and you’re all set.  Your soups, stews and chili will thank you.  Not to mention vegetable broth brings another dimension to pasta, quinoa and any other grain that calls for boiling.  ENJOY!

Join the SHIPT life!

You know that thing you would do if you had juuuuuust a bit more time?  Well, lucky you! Recently I was introduced to Shipt-a membership based, on demand grocery store delivery service, available in Nashville and expanding quickly to many metropolises throughout the US-most recently the San Antonio and Austin, TX areas.  When I heard Shipt was gifting the Nashville Food Bloggers a free membership, excited was an understatement.  I’m all about making life simpler and freeing up time to focus on what’s important-whether that’s time with loved ones, hustling on a dream, giving back to the community, learning a new language or ______________.  (You fill it in.) How does it work? You subscribe monthly ($14.00) or yearly ($99.00) to have your Publix or HEB groceries delivered directly to your door and into your kitchen (other store partnerships are on the horizon).    You order and pay via a user-friendly mobile-app and have your groceries delivered in as little as the next hour! Try 2 weeks FREE and sign up at my link—>  HERE Major bonus: schedule delivery to the …