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Zero Waste Gift Wrap

We’ve covered zero waste gifting, but wrapping and unwrapping the gift is oftentimes the best part! Traditional wrapping paper isn’t always recyclable, especially if the paper contains tiny shiny, glittery particles.  It’s no surprise that we create 25% more waste from Thanksgiving to New Year’s, with a large portion being disposable paper waste. 

Pumpkin Pecan Pie Bites

My mom is THE pecan pie lady.  At any family gathering, church function or holiday meal you better believe she will be baking a pecan pie from scratch and there won’t be a crumb left to take home.  With all the corn syrup, brown sugar, pecans and butter-each slice comes in at a hot 500 calories or more.  WOAH.  Most individuals can’t afford to consume that many calories on dessert alone, especially after a holiday meal where we all tend to overindulge a bit….or a lot. Guilty as charged! Mama just might have a little competition this year.  I made these mini pumpkin pecan pie bites for a cooking demo and they were a hit! The filling is made with real pumpkin puree mixed with almond butter and cinnamon then placed in mini phyllo dessert shells, which you can find in the frozen section at most grocery stores.  Tip: I piped the filling into the mini shells from a sealable sandwich baggie where I had snipped off the corner with scissors.  Cleanup is a dream! Then I topped the shells with pecans, maple syrup, local …