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Winter Capsule/10×10

In just a month we’ll be springing forward and welcoming warmer weather and sunshine.  Anyone else feel your vitamin D levels diminishing as we speak? In the meantime,  I thought I’d finally recap my winter 10×10 and basically what I’ve been wearing ALL winter. For those of you just tuning in, I’ve slowly been shifting my closet to reflect my less is more philosophy with a capsule wardrobe.  The 10×10 challenge is a seasonal wardrobe challenge hosted by mindful fashion bloggers, Lee Vosburgh and Caroline Joy to inspire closet creativity by styling only 10 garments for 10 days in 10 different ways. These challenges introduced me to the slow fashion movement and so many transparent brands making positive impacts in the industry by creating quality garments, ensuring fair wages for factory workers and reducing environmental impact. I’ve replaced a few pieces of clothing and shoes with these more ethical pieces, but not without a small investment. What seems like a small investment to me may be normal to others, only because I pride myself on …

Zero Waste Gift Wrap

We’ve covered zero waste gifting, but wrapping and unwrapping the gift is oftentimes the best part! Traditional wrapping paper isn’t always recyclable, especially if the paper contains tiny shiny, glittery particles.  It’s no surprise that we create 25% more waste from Thanksgiving to New Year’s, with a large portion being disposable paper waste. 

Expo East + Life Lessons

Things I regret this year: Getting though to a local radio station after 20 attempts to win Tom Petty tickets, only to fail at naming ONE song the band sings.  I still choke up thinking about that lifetime fail. Not visiting A SINGLE pool this summer.  What have I been doing with my life? Things I definitely don’t regret this year: Making more time for family on the parent’s farm. Heading to an Influencer Summit at Expo East in Baltimore after a near last-minute invite. For those wondering what Expo East might be, it’s a trade show connecting over 1,500 sustainable, ecofriendly brands to consumers.  There are seminars, acres and acres of sampling and plenty of networking events; basically what your organic loving, green living, tree hugging, crunchy dreams are made of. I had no expectations and knew literally no one except the person that extended the invite, but I definitely found my people and my spark.  There are SO MANY amazing brands and individuals out there making the world a better and healthier place by sharing their passions; be it an all …