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Tennessee Wine-ing

Tennessee…wine country??? Three words you would never hear me say together, until now.  Disclaimer: I am in no way a wine aficionado, but I like to think my palate has developed over the years (credit I give partially due to an old flame/classically trained chef). But you guys, it exists!  As wine club members, my husband and I had the opportunity to tour the Natchez Hills Winery and Vineyard in Hampshire, Tennessee with the owner himself.  There’s a cluster of wineries in the area tucked away far from the highway noises and city lights.  An aerospace engineer turned winery/Bed & Breakfast owner, Jim gave us an entertaining personal account of his wine production journey-from acquiring the land to tasting his newly bottled recipes paired with local, artisan cheeses and chocolates. What really sets this wine apart from other Tennessee varieties (for me at least): it’s grown and processed with passion using Old World winemaking techniques incorporating a creative, artistic approach. Traditional AND handcrafted? SWOON! In other words, the flavors of the locally grown or California …

Snowpocalypse 2016

I kind of love being snowed in.  I’ve had plenty of time to leisurely drink coffee, watch old episodes of Fixer Upper, and stare at snow falling for hours.  A seriously welcomed adult time-out! With such technology driven, on-the-go lifestyles, we forget to slow down and just….be, sometimes.  I highly recommend it! Now-we haven’t exactly spent the entire time being blobs on the couch.  I thought it’d be the perfect time to take some pics, play outdoors and oogle the cottage style homes in the area.  This is what a Tennessee winter looks like ya’ll:           Life will resume as scheduled on Monday; slow down, soak it up, be grateful and enjoy the art outside 🙂